Meal delivery and preparation under the NDIS


NDIS clients who are deemed eligible have the option to choose delivered meals as part of their core supports, if this is seen as reasonable and necessary to their support needs.

There is sometimes confusion regarding delivered meals being available within a Package as ‘food’ is not covered. To clarify this, food purchased as part of normal grocery shopping cannot be claimed under the Package. Regarding delivered meals, the portion that can be claimed is the preparation and delivery cost. The ingredients (food) used to prepare the delivered meal is still the responsibility of the consumer to pay for, or to make a contribution toward the cost of those ingredients.

An option to consider is a service request for delivered meals via a Care Organisation (on behalf of their client), the invoice that is sent to the Care Organisation from the meal delivery service shows a ‘split’ payment. The Care Organisation is invoiced for preparation and delivery and the invoice also shows the amount paid by the client for the ingredient cost.

Therefore, in accordance with the guidelines, the cost of meal preparation and delivery can be charged to the Package (where approved) and the consumer is responsible for the ingredient cost or to make a contribution towards that cost.